Are we England’s greenest non-league football club?

Shoreham Football Club is proud member of the UN Sports for Climate Action.

We are focusing on the main contributing areas to climate change: Energy, Transport and Food/Catering and these three factors account for the majority of everyone’s daily carbon footprint.
As a member of the UN Sports for Climate Action we are looking to bring the football clubs carbon footprint down as much as possible and to hopefully influence our supporters/community and fellow clubs to do the same.

Our main principles are:

• We will continue to try and reduce our own environmental impact as much as possible

• When making any operational decisions we will take into account any ethical and sustainability concerns

• We will not work with any organisation directly involved in: fossil fuels, animal testing, tobacco,  fracking or anything we feel to be unethical or immoral

• We seek to influence and educate supporters/community and fellow clubs to improve their carbon footprint

As a part of our commitment to UN Sports for Climate Action our long term plan is to publicly set reduction targets aligned with 1.5-degree in line with science.

As part of our commitment to climate change and ensuring our carbon footprint decreases our energy supply is totally green.
Octopus Energy provides us with 100% green energy.

Carbon Offsetting

Supporters of Carbon Neutral Britain

Our pledge:

As part of our promise to do our part for climate change. The areas outside our control e.g. our traveling supporters carbon footprint, we are offsetting 1.66 Tonnes of CO² every month. That is  nearly 20 Tonnes of CO² every year. Our goal is to double this on a quarterly basis.

Tree Planting

This includes planting 30 trees every month in sustainable projects around the world. Over a year, we will plant 360 trees – which is the equivalent to 1.5 acres of Amazon Reforestation. Our goal is to double this on a quarterly basis.

Our promise each month



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Why not take a look at what we are doing around the ground to improve our climate change programme-
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To read our club statement on climate change click here

Reducing our matchday menu and bar refreshments to a Vegan Menu option which can be found by clicking here and reducing our carbon footprint with our drinks. Our wine is 100% carbon neutral our Carlsberg beer system- DraughtMaster PET kegs are designed to be recyclable. Research has shown that the lighter, recyclable PET kegs that we use can leave a smaller carbon footprint than glass bottles and are more sustainable than steel.

The new DraughtMaster PET kegs are designed to leave a smaller carbon footprint. Recent research in Italy has shown that for every 100 litres of beer, DraughtMaster only produces 6kg of waste, compared to 29kg when using bottled beer.