We have planted 150 Trees  since January this year. which is a fantastic achievement – and in addition to helping reduce our Carbon Emissions it will also have a positive impact on wildlife, ecology and biodiversity in the projects we are supporting around the world.

We are also one month away from offsetting over half a year of Carbon Emissions!

Below are the projects we have supported this month.

Preserving the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil


This project is located in Para State, Brazil, where 63% of the Amazon Rainforest has already been lost. By using sustainable logging practices certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, the project will continue to avoid the deforestation of 27.4 thousand hectares of rainforest which would have been deforested had traditional logging practices been used.

As the first REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) project within the VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) framework in the Amazon, the project helps reduce 9.4 million tonnes of CO² emissions that would have been emitted into the atmosphere over the next ten years, as well as providing sustainable social development in the area.

Reducing British Livestock Emissions

Helping tackle the controversial climate impact of dairy produce – this project introduces natural feed supplement into dairy cattle diet aiming to reduce methane (CH4) emissions from enteric fermentation by direct inhibition of methanogens in the rumen.

The process results in a substantial net reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, because of the avoidance of CH4 released into the atmosphere, which would occur under normal operating circumstances.

Over the 7 years of the first crediting period, the project will generate an estimated annual average reduction of 187’563 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO²), and around 1 tonne per cow per year.