Hopefully everyone is staying safe and well in these strange times.

With the resumption of the Premier League and with some relaxations to lock-down now starting to happen, it’s now time to start to think about the possibility of football at our level starting again at some point in the near future.

We worked very hard on building up both of our under 18 sides last season. The development of this was clearly shown by the large number of youth team players that played for the first team last season. We will be hoping to keep this going again when we start the new season. We are also actively seeking to add some young quality and experienced players to the first team to help these youngsters coming through into the first team. At times last season we looked really good during matches, so hopefully we can build on this and add some consistency to performances.
We want to improve on last season, with the amount of games we had left to play we where on course for around an 8th place finish. We as a management team always want more but would have been happy with around an 8th place finish in what was such a stop start season due to the constant weather issues. We seemed to play a game every 3 weeks at times due to the amount of away matches that happened to be cancelled against us.

I want hungry experienced players and young players here at Shoreham FC both with a points to prove. They must have a great attitude to training and a willingness to learn. They must also be willing to work hard for the team and not just for themselves.

When players arrive back they are going to see a different looking club with changing facilities and clubhouse having had a facelift thanks to the club winning the Buildbase ground improvements competition which is just brilliant. It’s such a exciting thing to be able to create a nice environment and place that players want to come to and be part of.
Pitch maintenance is under way and this will improve an already decent playing surface, which is already better than most at this level of football.

I think when we know for sure a time frame as to when we will be able to return to football we will sit down as a management team and set out our aims for the coming season. What is for sure is the following, we want to improve, we want to win, we want to get better and want to move forward as a club.
We now have a new youth system in place and a revamped academy which is exciting for the future of the club. The management team has a wealth of experience and talent-

First Team: Mark Pulling
U18s Isthmian: Bob Crayton
U18s County: Mark Burt
Head of Academy: Mark Pulling
Youth Chairman/Director of Football: Ben Rose

Mark Pulling
First Team Manager