Well Shoreham definitely took last Saturdays FA cup win mentality into the first half this match.
The Mussellmen came out very strong from the first whistle and could have been two up within the first 10 minutes. Excellent pressure from Mo Diallo and Issac Kyeyune dominating the midfield.
The goal eventually came in the 19 minute from a well worked goal which allowed Michael Death to slot the ball home to mak eit 1-0 Shoreham. The rest of the first half saw Shoreham being dominant with a huge turning point just before half time, with the Siddlesham keeper trying to block a shot from Kyeyune. The unfortunate outcome was the opposition keeper had to go off with a damaged hand.

The second half Shoreham started of slow and let Siddlesham back into the game with lots of missed chances from the visiting team but as they say you need to take your chances when you can and Siddlesham failed to that. This meant with the visitors chasing the game and piling on the pressure Shoreham would always be looking to counter attack and that they did with Michael Death getting his second goal in the 57 minute. After that Siddlesham kept chasing the game and put a lot of pressure on Shoreham but the Mussellmen held out for a good 2-0 win.
Team- Benjamin Purkis, Michael Death (19 & 57), Dean Gilmour, Nicolas Darienzo, Jordan Peskett, Neil Munday, Benjamin Purkis, George Stone, Mohamed Diallo, Noah Dudok van Heel , Matthew Firmin, Iisaac kyeyune, Subs: Mark Pulling, Okwi Daniel Momah, Daniel Deacon, Jack Nicholls, Connah Gardener-Lowe

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